Innovation in Government® 2019 Compendium

IIG 2019 Compendium landing page screenshot

After a year of experimenting with different landing page layouts and form styles, I decided to combine all I had learned to create the ultimate promotion platform for our 2019 Compendium, a culmination of all reports published over the previous year. Some employed strategies include pulling the form above the fold, personalized language on the download button, and a JS function that moves the window down to the form when any interactive elements are clicked.

The page currently clocks a conversion rate of over 15%, and this result is without any special off-site promotions pointing back to the page.

MFGS Inc. Security & Risk Topic Page

MFGS Inc. Security Topic Page

Expanding my skills (quite literally) beyond Carahsoft’s own website, I collaborated with the web team at MFGS Inc., Carahsoft’s sister company, to build the layout and populate the content of the Security, Risk & Governance topic page through a combination of hand-written HTML and an internal CSS style sheet on top of the Concrete5 CMS system. Once finished, I wrote media queries and tested the page’s responsive to ensure good user experience and mobile friendliness.

GovTech Open Source Report Landing Page

GovTech Open Source Report landing page screenshot

The GovTech Open Source Report page is the latest in a line of landing pages I have built to mirror the aesthetic of the content they are designed to promote. This landing page incorporates a custom layout built using HTML and CSS, customized graphics, and JavaScript functions to increase the interactivity. My favorite aspect by far has to be the CTA button that transitions from opaque to transparent when the :hover pseudo-CSS class is engaged (AKA the mouse hovers over the button).