“To Build the Fire of Revolution”

To Build the Fire

Published in James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal Volume 4, “To Build the Fire of Revolution” investigates the biography of Jack London and the historic moment of socialism in the United States. I establish a connection between these two factors through Jack London’s political beliefs to trace underlying themes of socialism in his famous short story “To Build a Fire.”

Trademark Application: “The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider”

The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider status page on the USPTO website

In November 2017, I submitted a trademark application for Carahsoft’s tagline, The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider. To competently submit the application, I first spent several weeks learning trademarking processes and drafting the necessary descriptions and specimens to prove fair use. After I successfully navigated an Office Action from the reviewing attorney, the trademark has been officially registered to Carahsoft on the Primary Register and granted all ensuing legal protections.